5 things you should know about VR Video?

1. VR Video is not video, it is Virtual Reality.

Here I am, walking the streets of Frankfurt, 1 of 7 countries I captured in VR Video on that gig. Photo credit Warren Mell Images @warrenmellimages

First Steps Into a Larger World

Me and colleague Danny Lund. Photo Credit Warren Mell Images @warrenmellimages
Insta360 One X


Oculus Quest 2

2: Why Is 3D VR Different? Because there is no way to cheat.

View from the monitor on a fisheye lens. An entire 180 degree field of view. Photo credit Sean Conley @sleepinghouse

3: Editors Beware

4: Sea Sickness

5: Interactivity

K2 Pro with iZugar lenses. Photo credit Sean Conley @sleepinghouse
8K stereoscopic image. Still photo exported out of Premiere.

What Now?

This is me directing a VR spot for AT&T. Photo Credit @sleepinghouse

In Conclusion



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